The chronicles of beeza.

Last thurs, February 19th was the beginning of the lunar new year, not only did we transition from a horse to a ram/sheep/or goat, but we transitioned from yang to yin. Yin and yang are opposites, yet interdependent. Cold and hot, darkness, and light, outward and inward, life and death.
This last week I’ve noticed myself transitioning too. Usually very social and outgoing, I’ve spent much more time in the quiet, it feels good. My mind has had time to sort stuff out and get organized. And now, I write…

so…life brings it all.  Lessons everywhere, change is unavoidable ….lots of good, enough  other….   Never been a blogger, but I like to write, usually just for me… But enough stuff to share.

My biggest little man turned 3 last Monday. He is an ultimate joy. So smart, inquisitive, fun, and sweet, I can’t ever get enough of him.

My littlest little turns one in a couple weeks, and he blossoms everyday. And yes mama was his first word:).

running is one of my favorite things to do…I’m never really ‘training’ for anything, well haven’t really been…but times change.  May 3 2015, first ‘official’ marathon, super excited…need a road trip;). Poached pdx 2times last yr w one of my bros, and did wildwood w my sis a couple yrs ago.

being a mom has brought me so much joy, it’s hard to articulate.  My boys challenge me and enliven me everyday!

my career is such a passion for me, I feel so blessed.

Losing my youngest bro 3yrs ago changed my life forever.  Miss him everyday, love him indefinitely, and have learned so much without having him …changed my fabric.  Time is more important than ever…

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