The chronicles of beeza.

Last thurs, February 19th was the beginning of the lunar new year, not only did we transition from a horse to a ram/sheep/or goat, but we transitioned from yang to yin. Yin and yang are opposites, yet interdependent. Cold and hot, darkness, and light, outward and inward, life and deat
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To The Finish Line With the Help of TCM

We love this 2014 article in Acupuncture Today on Belgium-based acupuncturist, De Smedt. He helped cyclist Vincenzo Nibali  (the leader of the Astana team and only the sixth rider to win all three Grand Tours -France, Italy and Spain), to use acupuncture to help with recovery time, in
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Welcome to AcuOm Acupuncture

Whether you have complaints of arthritis pain, headaches, fatigue, joints disorders, sleep troubles, pain from a car accident, or just need to relax, rejuvenate, and attain balance, we can help. If your allergies are flaring up, now is the time to try some acupuncture. Many Chinese Me
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