Nov 30th 2017

My little man, Asher fractured his arm saturday afternoon in bend, while with his dad. I briefly talked to him saturday, we weeped on the phone, it was awful to not be holding him. It’s hard enough sharing him, but then to have him need you is painful. I was fortunate enough to be able to reunite with him sunday evening. I never wanted to let him go. Myles was there too, happy and good. I was overly grateful to mike for bringing them to me Sunday, instead of what had been the norm, monday mornings… we met at zoo lights – we had plans…

Great plans – so much fun to spend time with cousins 🙂 got lucky – sunday was wet, until 4pm… it was perfect.

Monday was only tolerable because I had the boys sunday eve. We went to an appt to get a cast, monday. but they needed xrays, and the nurse didn’t do casts… well the process was a pain, and i made mike clean up his mess a little. he had a very long phone call i believe, but we were able to keep our appt tues morn. Asher chose to bike to the hospital, it was really wet that morning. Hes super picky about his clothes. He loved the one piece blue rain thrift store find – he was catboy. I had a green cape i bought in china for biking – i was gecko. it was fun. And we really weren’t that wet, well he wasn’t 😉 He really kind of likes his cast. I’m sure it feels 1000 times better being secure.

So that evening was bike the lights out at PIR. One night only for bikes – of course we were going, I was happy it was my night 🙂
But my asher…so we opted for a balance bike even though he usually pedals. He is rad. We only walked the stretch to the tunnel and back 😉
And the santa on a unicycle – thank you! my boys love you.

Mornings on days taking myles to school when i know i won’t see him later – i get almost panicky… it sucks.
But then you meet him 5 min before school the next day, because its library day and you have to read these to return, so you can get more.

I’m very much looking forward to my upcoming weekend with my guys.

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