AcuOm specializes in offering affordable acupuncture for:

Pain (neck/back, shoulders, all joints)
Immune disorders/fatigue
Sleeping disorders

Weight loss, addictions
, circulatory problems (neuropathy), 
digestive disorders (IBS, Crohns)

Services include the following and more:

  • ACUPUNCTURE – Stimulation of anatomical points on the body
  • FACIAL REJUVENATION ACUPUNCTURE – Often referred to as “acupuncture facelift”
  • SHIATSU MASSAGE – An overall intense bodywork therapy
  • TUINA MASSAGE – Used more for injury specific therapy
  • CUPPING & GUA SHA – Superficial therapies to stimulate blood flow and release heat and toxins
  • TUNING FORKS – Vibrational stimulation at acu-points throughout the body to free the qi flow
  • MOXIBUSTION – A heat therapy used either alone or in conjunction with other therapies
  • HERBAL THERAPIES – Natural Chinese herbs can be used internally and/or topically
  • AcuOm accepts most insurance plans. Please call to verify. We offers a sliding fee scale ($50-$80) for cash/credit card payments. AcuOm wants acupuncture to be accessible to all so please call with concerns regarding payment. We’ll work with you on a suitable payment scale.
  • Free phone consultations offered: Call 503.939.2796